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Custom Container

The Right Choice, Professionals & Experts in creating temporary or permanent buildings according to your needs using our custom container raw materials that have been proven to be of the best quality in the results

Portable Container House

Expanded container building

Portable Container office

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The Right Choice, Professionals and Experts in creating temporary and permanent buildings according to your needs using our proven and best quality Custom Portable Container raw materials

Our Services

Custom Container

Complete services from design consulting to fabrication and installation.

Portable Folding Cointainer

We have the best folding container products you can own or customize and install from us

Easy Container Installation Process & Can be used repeatedly

Our portable foldable containers can be easily installed and removed again after the project is complete. 1 unit installation only takes 4 minutes. each unit of the container can be easily connected to each other, so that it can adjust the space as needed.

Advantages of Using Our Folding Containers!

The materials used in the manufacture of this custom portable container are all steel structures galvanized & oven painted. Wall panel technology has also been used in the wall, so that it is resistant to fire, and is resistant to water. corrosion resistant and even sound insulation,

Popular Services

There is a choice of portable folding container units as well as permanent containers that you can order according to your design request.

Home Container

The right solution for those of you who want to have a dwelling with a more minimal budget with a portable and flexible concept that can be removed, containers for this house can be stacked according to demand.

Cafee Buildings & Extensions

Eliminate the rigid value of buildings by combining your more up-to-date building design with a blend of portable containers with our stylist designs in strategic areas.

Temporary Outdoor Office

The request for a comfortable and safe office space when there is a large area project can be resolved by using our custom container or portable folding container, all you have to do is bring and install it in any project area.

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You don’t have to buy our products directly, we are willing to help answer the various container building needs you need and make them for you too!


Tetige Citra Khatulistiwa is a limited liability company that was founded in March 2011, initiated by 2 (two) core managers. During its development, this company carried out its work with closest friends to make it easier to run the line of business it was doing.

In the form of cooperation, Tetige Citra Khatulistiwa has collaborated both domestically and abroad. The close relationship with companies in China and Vietnam makes it easy for these companies to obtain the best selection of portable containers

Proses Project

Completed Projects

Let’s build with us!

Our sales service for custom containers and portable containers has reached shipments throughout Indonesia, Contact Us Now!

Why Use Our Container Services?

Installing our custom container takes less than 1 hour! Very fast and efficient for large scale projects such as container hotels.

What is the price of a custom container

Regarding our prices, adjust to the applicable stock & rate, but no need to worry, we will provide a special price if you bid

What is the minimum purchase of a portable folding container?

There is no minimum purchase. You can order whatever your custom container needs.

How many are the maximum shipping containers?

For shipping containers on custom container services, it will be adjusted to the container order you ordered, the size according to the dimensions & quantity,


For portable folding Cointaner, 1x trailer size can be up to 5 units

Where is the Office / Sales Address?

Address : Pepe Indah Kavling A.92  Kelurahan Pepe, Sedati – Kota Sidoarjo (61253) – Jawa Timur, INDONESIA